Touchless Curb Service

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel

Familiar Place in a Strange World

Covid-19 has disrupted the very fundamentals of our lives for the past 6 weeks.  Everything, it seems, that makes life normal — has been cancelled.  School, church, work, sports, and the very fabric of American life has ground to a halt.  Many people like me, remember eating at Carey Hilliard’s as a kid, after football games, and for lunch after  Sunday Church.  While it feels as though it can’t come soon enough, we’ll make it back to those times.

But, it’s the uncertain times like these, when we take a breath and reflect  on the most important things in life: like family, friends, and community.  In this close-knit Savannah-area community, we’re doing our part to hold up at least one familiar thing:  Curb Service at Carey Hilliard’s.

“Touchless” Curb Service

Safety is our “Number 1” priority, for both Customer and Staff.  Our Staff has been retrained on how to Guide you through the Order Process.  Also, we’ve taken the following steps to make sure your visit is the safest possible:

Additional Safety Measures Taken by Staff

  1. Wearing disposable gloves- changing them often;
  2. Suspending signatures on Credit Card Receipts;
  3. Making a Tip selection on your behalf, at your direction;
  4. Disinfecting Order Devices using Disinfectant Spray;
  5. Wearing Safety Vests to be better seen at night.

With this  “touchless” experience, you won’t need to touch anything.

Of course, the Full Menu is available To-Go, and you’ll continue to get that quick and friendly service you’ve relied on for the past 60 years.

Special accommodations can be made.  For instance, we’ll load To-Go Boxes in your truck, if you request.

As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard