3316 Skidaway RD - Savannah

This historic location was the original store Carey Hilliard opened in 1960. After taking over a closed National Root Beer stand, Carey and his wife, started the first Carey Hilliard’s Restaurant. On opening day they served forty customers lured in by the sensational smell of hickory smoked Barbecue.

8410 Waters Ave - Savannah

Opened in 1971, Carey built this restaurant with ample inside seating, but also included the “Drive-In” curb that he inherited in the Skidaway location. Here, the layout featured a mix of booths and tables inside. Half-moon booths filling up the right side of the restaurant still remain nostalgic today! Customers love the booths’ privacy and timeless feel.

514 Hwy 80 W. - Savannah

Opening in 1974, this was the first location on Savannah’s West Side located in Garden City. Situated under the shadow of the Savannah Port on the Savannah River, this location made it convenient for people working in the industrial area to grab a quick bite to eat, or even better, a to go!

11111 Abercorn St - Savannah

In 1976, Carey opened this location on Abercorn St. in the South Side of Savannah. At this time, this mostly rural area was a farm field and Abercorn St. ended where the Savannah Mall is currently located. The tall booths provide intimate privacy for inside diners.

5350 Augusta Rd. (Hwy 21) - Savannah

In 1996, Carey Hilliard's opened this location near the Savannah Airport in Garden City. The restaurant was built larger than previous stores, but still had all the familiar traditional Carey Hilliard’s furnishings. The expansive lobby featured a huge chandelier and the “down-home” décor made the restaurant feel warm and cozy.

198 Pooler Pkwy - Pooler

Carey Hilliard’s newest location opening in 2004 at the Home-Depot/Walmart Super Center parking lot. This location has become the busiest and most award-winning store of all the six Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants! Located just off I-95 at exit 104, it is only minutes from the Savannah Airport.