St. Patricks’s Day Weekend At Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants

St. Patrick's Day At Carey Hilliard's

Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants Staff showing off St. Pat’s green t-shirts.

St. Pat’s Decor
Debra Friend is back, finishing up green/Irish decorations including ribbons, leprechauns, and green lights! She sets the mood for a festive upcoming weekend, and great memories. During the 1990’s -Carey Hilliard’s had float in the parade for years featuring the classics: Bubba-Que the Pig, and an Elvis impersonator and family cousin – Billy Richardson.

Visitors to the Area – Reasons to Visit Carey Hilliard’s

  • It starts plenty of easy parking.
  • Inside you’ll have a private booth and a clean and casual family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Curbside: Call-in a take-out and we’ll have it ready for you;
  • We’re locally owned – become a part of our 64 year history;
  • We’re ONLY in the Savannah-area;
  • Portions are LARGER than ever,
  • We’re known for quick service;
  • Pickup a Green T-Shirt!

Carey Hilliard’s – Hwy. 80 Store, is only 11 min away from Parade
4.2 miles and 11 minutes (by Apple Maps) is all it is between you, the parade, CH Hwy. 80. Browse the T-shirts and enjoy delicious Sweet Tea, seafood, and barbecue! Stop-by before, or after your trip downtown this weekend. It’s a nice BREAK from the crowd, Your favorite staff like Monica (Server) & Mrs. Thompson (manager), will be waiting on you.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.
T.J. Hilliard