11111 Abercorn St - Savannah GA

11111 Abercorn St.
Savannah, GA 31419
Phone: (912) 925-3225
Open Daily: 11am to Midnight

In 1976, Carey opened a location on Abercorn St. on the South Side of Savannah. At this time, the rural area was a farm field, and Abercorn St. ended where the Savannah Mall is now. The tall booths provide intimate privacy for inside diners. It is rumored that the not-so faithful husbands dined their mistresses here because of the excellent privacy the tall booths provided. Behind the restaurant, Carey built a Banquet Hall, then added on with 2-story Office building in front. The Office building was rumored to house a hot-tub and weight room where Carey would spend his time after working long hours in the Office.

Located in the heart of Savannah’s Southside near the Windsor Forest neighborhood and at the base Savannah’s Truman Parkway hub, this Carey Hilliard’s Restaurant draws both locals and travelers alike. Travelers getting off I-95 heading towards Savannah pass by. This location is in between the Savannah Mall and the Oglethorpe Mall. Georgia Southern University’s Savannah campus is 3 minutes away, with Home Depot and Lowes across the street. Carey Hilliard’s neighbor to the right is Savannah Toyota. Salespeople and staff from Savannah Toyota cross over a small wooden bridge over the ditch that divides the 2 businesses’ parking lots to have lunch and dinner everyday! We also appreciate the staff from nearby JC Lewis Ford who dine-in with large groups all the time. The parking lot is huge, with plenty of room for tour buses and large group parking. Of course, parking for patrons is free. Carey Hilliard’s Abercorn is part of the larger Carey Hilliard’s home base campus with the Corporate Office and Banquet Hall for seating of 60 to 250 people located just behind the restaurant. Carey Hilliard’s Abercorn restaurant exterior is clad in Savannah grey brick with its iconic red tile roof. The Carey Hilliard’s massive neon sign and is a great photo spot for travelers. Carey was inspired by the sea of neon lights he saw during his frequent trips to Las Vegas during the 1970’s. He brought a piece of that back with him, combining the neon lights with Savannah’s coastal flare. The sign features a readerboard at the bottom where monthly specials are posted.