Carey Hilliard's Gift Cards

Shop our Carey Hilliard’s Gift Cards right here; a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, birthdays and Christmas! Includes a personalized greeting card, choose from 39 greeting card designs. Just $3.95 in shipping (arrives by standard mail) for a personalized physical greeting card! For greater convenience, and those last-minute shoppers, we offer digital cards. Purchase a digital card, we’ll send you an email confirmation with a digital gift card number. Both traditional and digital gift cards are accepted at all Carey Hilliard’s locations!

In 1960, Carey and his wife, Kathleen, reimagined family-priced dining with the convenience of take-out and curbside service. Carey Hilliard’s became famous for tender and tasty barbecue and fresh and delicious seafood. The classic hand-battered onion rings and fresh fried shrimp never get old. And, that secret recipe barbecue sauce and brunswick stew remains a guarded secret. Carey Hilliard’s will never stray from tradition, passing the secret sauce down from generation to generation. So, when you bring your future grand-kids here, you can bet the Brunswick Stew is the same as it was fifty years ago. Promise.