Waters Men’s Bathroom Renovation Finished!

Water's Location Bathroom Renovation

The new Men’s bathroom opened Friday afternoon! It’s now ADA accessible -with its own super-private toilet area and private sink. Out front, 2 sinks remain, but with a better layout with the half-wall on the right. Brass faucets give an elegant, timeless look, contrasting the “peppercorn” light-color countertop. Char-brown trim above the tile and around…

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St. Patricks’s Day Weekend At Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants

St. Patrick's Day At Carey Hilliard's

St. Pat’s Decor Debra Friend is back, finishing up green/Irish decorations including ribbons, leprechauns, and green lights! She sets the mood for a festive upcoming weekend, and great memories. During the 1990’s -Carey Hilliard’s had float in the parade for years featuring the classics: Bubba-Que the Pig, and an Elvis impersonator and family cousin –…

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Holiday Gift Ideas From Carey Hilliard’s

Carey Hilliard's BBQ Sauce Set

This holiday season, you’ll buy more from Amazon and online than ever. But buying local gift is just as easy! You can buy a Carey Hilliard’s Gift Card online, or stop by any location on your way home. Best Carey Hilliard’s Gifts LIST 1. A Gift Card: $30 recommended load. Buy a GC for ANY…

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Adding the Magic back in the Holidays

You can feel it and see it: the traffic’s getting heavier, people are stress shopping for the perfect gifts, and the kids are in that last week of school. Take a deep breath. At Carey Hilliard’s, we’re bringing back the magic to this season. We have Santa / Magic Marc inspired coloring placemats, holiday music…

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Fall Is In The Air At Carey Hilliard’s

With high school and college football well underway, and pumpkin stands popping up on Ferguson and Waters Ave., we CAN FEEL, FALL IS IN THE AIR! DECORATIONS ARE GOING UP Dine-in and you’ll notice Debra Friend has been around, and busy…hanging her Fall décor. It’s a home-ey feeling, that celebrates a nice cool breeze, that…

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Saturday Half Price Hot Wings Are Back

Half Price Wings At Carey Hilliard's

THEY’RE BACK: SATURDAY HALF PRICE HOT WINGS – BOOM! After a 3-year hiatus, with thousands of requests to bring them back, Half Price Hot Wings made their return for the first time – last Saturday – with a HUGE splash! It’s a little different this time around, as we’re doing them Saturdays instead of Mondays…

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Help Wanted! 90 Days Is Just In Time For Holidays With $500 Cash Bonus!

New server at our Abercorn Location

Guess when 90 days from today is? December 8. That’s just before Christmas and the Holidays, and still gives you ample time to buy those presents! If you stay 90 days, you’ll automatically get that $500 bonus. Yay!! Shopping spree! Stay just 30 days, and you’ll get a raise. If you love a fast-paced environment,…

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Back To School With Convenience & Speed

It’s back-to-school season! That means a tight schedule between practice, the drive home, and homework. At Carey Hilliard’s we understand…and make your food go further through (not only) value, but also, convenience, and speed! Curb Service is Convenient Don’t get stuck in a drive-thru line. Call ahead, or order online, and pull-up Curbside for quick…

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Carey Hilliard’s : Value

Pooler Server Team

YOUR SAFE PLACE FROM SKIMPLFATION AND WEIRD HOURS Have you heard the latest? Other restaurants are skimping out on portion sizes, and even their days open. ALWAYS OPEN EVERY DAY, 11AM-MIDNIGHT At Carey Hilliard’s, we’ll ALWAYS be open Monday and Tuesday’s, and EVERY DAY from 11am to midnight (every night). You can count on it.…

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Summer Yeti Giveaway Winners!

This hot summer has us thinking about Carey Hillard’s famous sweet tea with chewy ice! Yes, summer time has arrived! We all needed something to look forward to, and I’d like to share with you the lucky winners, below! Mr. Chancey & Mr. Goldwire!! Just add: Scratch Fried Chicken and the New Flash-Fried Barbecue Ribs,…

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