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A Big Thank You to Carey Hilliard’s Regulars

For those who:  Know the menu by heart; Have gone to lunch with us 3-days in a row; and Have been faithful take-out-ers…through all this; THANK YOU.  You’ve kept us going.  It hasn’t been easy, because these are uncertain times.   At the moment, we’re unsure if school will start back, and if so, how long…

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Weathering the Covid-19 Pandemic | Stronger than Ever

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel They say that tough times “bring out the best in people” and “make you stronger.”  Earlier this year, no one could have dreamed that a flu-like virus would be sweeping the globe, out of control.  That became a stark reality to local restaurants on March 24, when Savannah’s Mayor…

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Carey Hilliard’s & Savannah Toyota | Southside Grocery Giveaway

This Sunday from 1-3pm, Savannah Toyota and Carey Hilliard’s will partner with League of Brawn, to help feed those in need.  Cars will line-up at Savannah Toyota off Abercorn. Inspiration Savannah Toyota’s managing partner, Scott Richie and his daughter, Reese, attended a Food-Drive over the weekend put-on by League of Brawn at a downtown church. …

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Carey Hilliard’s Summer Yeti Giveaway

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel Summer Yeti Giveaway | Drawing Friday, July 3, 2020 Phew, it’s hot outside.  Welcome, Summer-time.  We all need something to look forward to these days, and this may be your Summer Boost!  Add Fried Chicken from Carey Hilliard’s, and you’re ready for the beach.  -OR- On the way back…

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Abercorn Inside Renovation

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel Abercorn Inside Renovation Abercorn inside-diners will be in for a treat, upon returning.  The inside has been completely renovated, while emphasizing the same “Carey Hilliard’s feel” you grew up with.  The enhancements:  phone-chargers in each booth, built-in bench seating in the Foyer, and removing the foyer “columns” next to…

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Latest Update | Carey Hilliard’s Navigates Through Covid-19

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel  Inside Dining Remains Closed We plan to open inside dining again, soon, but we’ll wait for things to be “more normal.”   We expect that to be after May 31, when Governor Kemp’s social-distancing mandate expires. Curb Service is Open until Midnight, Every-night.  Call-in a Take-Out…

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Covid-19 Support Local

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel  Business Hours | Curbside Open until Midnight Curb Service is Open until Midnight, Every-night.  Call-in a Take-Out or Order Online at Supporting Local It’s never been a more important time to support local business.  We’re all in this together.  With restaurant dining rooms shut-down across the country, millions…

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Touchless Curb Service

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel Familiar Place in a Strange World Covid-19 has disrupted the very fundamentals of our lives for the past 6 weeks.  Everything, it seems, that makes life normal — has been cancelled.  School, church, work, sports, and the very fabric of American life has ground to a halt.  Many people…

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Prepared Meals To-Go for Pickup at Banquet Center

Keep Our Staff Working| Help support Carey Hilliard’s Banquet & Catering during this difficult time.  Keep our employees working, while enjoying our great food; it’s a win-win!  Prepared Meals To-Go, Pickup from Banquet Center | Meals start at $29 for Family of 4.  Fully-cooked, packaged, and ready to be reheated. To Order, Call (912) 925-2133. …

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Covid-19 Update

Carey Hilliard’s | from The CEO  Business Hours | Stores remain at Normal Operation:  11am-midnight, and ’til 1am on Friday & Saturday night.  Inside (for now, but will likely change) and Curbside Open. Store Cleanliness | Our Staff is in full-clean mode, taking extra steps, to make sure you’re safe visiting Carey Hilliard’s.  We’re disinfecting high-traffic…

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