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Archive for February 2020

3 Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day at Carey Hilliard’s

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it (February 14th – Guys…hint, hint). Mark your calendar so you can set aside a date night with your sweetheart. Skip the reservations, the hassle of parking, and the overpriced meal, by heading to Carey Hilliard’s for your Valentine’s Day date night Carey Hilliard’s makes the perfect…

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Premium Side Spotlight: Cheddar Bake

History Behind the Cheddar Bake In the late 1970’s Carey opened two restaurants in Charleston: One on Sam-Rittenberg Ave., and one on Rivers Ave.  Ms. Anne, a Cook at the Rivers Ave. store stood out.  She helped open the store, and never missed a day of work.  Ms. Anne was known as the “head Cook”…

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