5350 Augusta Rd. (Hwy 21) - Garden City GA

5350 Augusta Rd. (Hwy 21)
Garden City, GA 31408
Phone: (912) 963-0060
Open Daily: 11am to Midnight

In 1996, Carey Hilliard’s opened this Hwy. 21 location, also known as Augusta Rd. near Savannah’s Airport in Garden City and next to Port Wentworth. The restaurant was built larger than previous stores, but already had all the familiar traditional Carey Hilliard’s furnishings, surrounded by booths on the inside, and the curbside drive-up on the outside. The expansive lobby featured a huge chandelier. The “down-home” décor made the restaurant feel warm and cozy, the booths added a “diner” feel, and the southern seafood completed the restaurant. One peculiarity a few “regulars” know, is that on the huge neon sign, “Bar-Be-Que” is spelled differently than at other locations. No, we can’t explain this.

The highlight of this location is its large back room that can accommodate a seated private party of up to 80 people. This private party room is popular among business groups in the area for lunch and dinner meetings. Meeting organizers are encouraged to bring any necessary display equipment like projectors and screens. Another unique tidbit about this location is how close it is the Savannah airport. During the day, planes fly close by above on the landing pattern. That makes it convenient for airport staff and staff at nearby Gulfstream Aerospace to pickup to-go food, dine-in, or dine in their car. Dean Forest Rd. and Gulfstream Rd. are just seconds down the highway, along with newly finished Jim Deloach Parkway, that empties out directly behind the restaurant, and connects the area by shortcut to I-95 and I-16. Inside, the restaurant is classic Carey Hilliard’s, featuring mostly booths and some seated tables. Diners can also sit at the counter and eat. The bathrooms are newly renovated and we keep them clean. With the Georgia Ports authority located just behind the restaurant, staff from Georgia Ports frequently eat late night. We’re happy to accommodate them by staying open until midnight on weekdays and 1am on weekends.