8410 Waters Ave - Savannah GA

8410 Waters Ave.
Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: (912) 355-2468
Open Daily: 11am to Midnight

Opened in 1971, Carey built this restaurant with ample inside seating, but also included the “Drive-In” curb that he inherited in the Skidaway location. Here, the layout featured a mix of booths and tables inside. The half-moon booths filling up the right side of the restaurant still remain nostalgic today! Most people don’t know that above the store Carey built a small office and apartment that’s accessible up a hidden stairway in the bus hall. If you park behind the store and look up to the roof, over the back room, you can see the apartment window! It’s now used to store Christmas decorations.

As Carey’s second location, this store is a small footprint than his original Skidaway restaurant. But, it features the same iconic curbside driveup customers love. Dine in your car, or pick up food to-go using the curbside driveup unique to Carey Hilliard’s. On the inside, the restaurant features a mixture of half moon booths, half-back booths, and open chair seating for more than 300 guests. The store has a lot of local charm as families often pickup food for dinner. It’s a favorite for families returning back to town from a trip, to pickup food on the curb. The back room at this location for private parties is a beautiful sunroom lined with windows that overlooks pompass grass and oyster shells outside. Adjacent to this location is the Captain’s Lounge and Campbell’s cleaners. Located on the southside of Savannah off of Montgomery Crossroads, this location draws customers from Isle of Hope, Dutch Island, historic Sandfly, Mayfare, and Bacon Park. Margaret has been a waitress on the curb at Waters Ave. for over 30 years. She’s a fixture at the location, knowing all her regulars’ names by heart. If you’ve called in a “take-out” order at the Waters Ave. location, chances are, Margaret has taken your order, many times. Waters Ave. has ample parking, with a gravel parking lot in the back for work trucks and overflow parking.