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Archive for September 2020

Roll-Out of | ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel We’re excited to announce the rolling-out of Contactless Payments.  It’s fast, convenient, and SAFE (touchless).  Below, I’ll answer a few FAQ’s on the new payment devices. Currently available at: Abercorn and Hwy. 80.  Remaining stores coming soon! What types of Contactless Payments do we accept? All kinds:  Including ApplePay,…

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QR Codes | Scan to See the Menu

Carey Hilliard’s | From General Counsel QR Codes are now available at the Host Stand, and each table, to make accessing the Menu even easier.  Of course, we still have paper To-Go Menus available.  How does it work? Select your camera app on your Smart-phone.  Instead of taking a picture, hover over the square Code. …

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