Carey Hilliard’s : Value

Pooler Server Team

YOUR SAFE PLACE FROM SKIMPLFATION AND WEIRD HOURS Have you heard the latest? Other restaurants are skimping out on portion sizes, and even their days open. ALWAYS OPEN EVERY DAY, 11AM-MIDNIGHT At Carey Hilliard’s, we’ll ALWAYS be open Monday and Tuesday’s, and EVERY DAY from 11am to midnight (every night). You can count on it.…

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Summer Yeti Giveaway Winners!

This hot summer has us thinking about Carey Hillard’s famous sweet tea with chewy ice! Yes, summer time has arrived! We all needed something to look forward to, and I’d like to share with you the lucky winners, below! Mr. Chancey & Mr. Goldwire!! Just add: Scratch Fried Chicken and the New Flash-Fried Barbecue Ribs,…

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