Introducing Table-Side Payments!

Annoyed with standing and waiting in line at the Cashier to pay?   We changed all that, and improved for you! Pay with Credit Card at your table, and avoid the Counter line!

As of this week, at all stores: if you’re paying with a Credit Card (like most people do), your Server will be happy to take your card, and bring it back for signature and receipt.  If you’re paying with Cash, see the Cashier. 

So why did we use the Pay-at-Counter concept for so long?  Because for a long time,  it sped up “quick and friendly” service, by freeing up the Server to not worry about payment.  The Server moved quickly to the next table to take an Order, without getting bogged down in collecting and sorting payment.  But, with long lines at the Cash Register, it was time to change.  And, the Cashier was already busy tending to Counter take-out Orders – boxing food up, answering the phone, and making desserts. 

Now, you can finish your meal, take that last sip of tea, then head out, without standing in line. 

Still, be sure to leave feedback on your way out.  The good AND bad, with the Cashier and Manager. 

And how about the MINTS?  Just grab some on your way out, and throw a dime in the Mint Jar.  Yes, 40-Year high inflation, 9.1% (10.4% for food)  has finally hit the mints too.  Andes and Butter Mints are 10¢, while Peppermint Patties are 15¢.  And no, there’s no profit in those, our cost.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard