Quality Food, Family Pricing

With prices soaring, from cars to clothes, to food and fuel, we all need some good news. The
good news: Carey Hilliard’s is a great VALUE. Why?

  • Portions are LARGER than ever,
  • Pricing is low, and (spoiler alert), specials like the 4-Pc. Chicken Finger Dinner $8.99
    coming back next month (not seen since October) make for great deals. You’ll probably need a to-go box before leaving!
  • Using your loyalty card, every dollar spent is 1-point, reach 100 points, and we autoload
    $6 to your card.


Always staying true to our motto on the last 2, it’s no wonder why Carey Hilliard’s is
busy. Bring the WHOLE family. Crayons and coloring will keep the kids entertained, while you enjoy that hot Bowl of Oyster – or Crab Stew, and a side of Onion

It’s not “salad-weather,” but have you seen that HUGE Salad? I mean,
the Fajita Chicken & Grilled Shrimp Salad – of course. I’ve never seen
someone finish it, which means it will fit nicely in the to-go box, so you
can enjoy it again, tomorrow. But that also goes for the Tail-On Shrimp
Dinner, and other seafood platters, we fill it up!


Here’s what Krista had to say, after visiting the Pooler location:

I love this old place, and appreciate a good captain’s platter
every time we roll through Georgia. I miss having them close to
home in Charleston, and it’s a great bit of nostalgia for me. The fried dinners are delicious, the
prices are more than reasonable, and the portions are very generous, Carey Hilliard’s is a
southern institution, and if you know, you know.

Customer Review: Krista

We hope you know! As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve

-T.J. Hilliard