A Big Thank You to Carey Hilliard’s Regulars

For those who: 

  1. Know the menu by heart;
  2. Have gone to lunch with us 3-days in a row; and
  3. Have been faithful take-out-ers…through all this;


You’ve kept us going.  It hasn’t been easy, because these are uncertain times.  

At the moment, we’re unsure if school will start back, and if so, how long it will last.  Covid-19 vaccines are being tested, but we don’t know yet when they’ll be available.  On top of that, it’s an Election Year – enough said. 

With all that uncertainty, there’s one thing you can count on, that you can Call Home:  Carey Hilliard’s.  Specializing in hand-breaded, deep-fried seafood, no wonder people feel comfort driving-up to Carey Hilliard’s.  So: if you’re having a bad day, feeling overwhelmed, or stressed, drive-up Curbside. 

See Margaret at Waters, Jazz at Abercorn, or Brandy at Hwy. 80.  They have more Regulars than anyone. 

As always, we grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard