Why We like 5-Star Reviews (not what you’d think!)

Lately, we’ve received many stellar 5-star reviews, some of which I’d like to share with you. This isn’t a self-rewarding – pat on the back exercise though. Instead, I think some of the Reviews point out what makes Carey Hilliard’s great, and different. This helps us focus on what we do well, and what we can improve upon.

If you’ve visited the Store lately, and had a great experience, send us your own 5-star!

On the contrary, if you had a bad experience, please use the Complaint Form,  as it’s structured to provide us with more detailed information, so we can make a correction fast.

Couple dining at Carey Hilliards

(Right, above: couple dining at Carey Hilliard’s Waters location)

“It’s not a trendy place with fancy cocktails, a seasonal menu or artisanal anything. But the fried shrimp and barbecue plateare like old friends.” Kevon W. 2/1/23

“A true staple of Savannah! Carey Hilliard’s is my go-to Sunday lunch spot. It’s such a comfort knowing that no matter what I can always count on having a great time that reminds of a home cooked meal.” Harold D. 2/3/23

“Very popular spot in Savannah on Sunday.” Eric N. 1/16/23

Thanks again for the support, and great Reviews – as all the credit goes to YOU!
As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

T.J. Hilliard