Pooler Bathroom Renovation UPDATE

The construction crew is hard at work on the new Men’s Restroom, even working without much light!  So far, the tile is in, and the vanity sink and counter are “framed out.”  As always, in these designs, we look to the past for future inspiration, and here is no different. 

After completing Skidaway’s Bathroom Reno this time last year, we took a softer “topier” approach, using tans and whites, instead of the black/white at Skidaway.

The floor design in Pooler is the modern touch, a “chesterboard” hexagon pattern with tan, gray, and black, that creates a warm but modern flare.  The walls are tan tile.  Countertop is “peppercorn” white quartz. At last moment, the faucets were changed from brushed nickel (gray) to brushed brass (gold-look), to complete the warmness.  

In both Men’s and Women’s bathrooms, the countertop will feature a “shute” trash can, so after drying your hands,  just throw your paper (like throwing a basketball) through the counter. 

Skidaway Completed Renovation

Being a busy restaurant, the bathroom layout needed to remain the same, for the maximum amount of stalls.  New, dark-colored partitions are on-order, but may not arrive for another 2 months…sadly, not surprising in today’s world of severe supply-chain shortages. 

But that’s not all!  Outside, we’re adding a “Pediment” over the front door with new casing, that will make the exterior front look classic and fresh. 

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard