Magic Marc | Meeting Magic

Magic Marc has been performing for 3 years at Carey Hilliard’s.  He performs the first, and last Friday of the month. 

Just from being in Savannah (where everyone knows everybody) I knew of Marc, but hadn’t talked with him.  About 3 years ago, pulled into a tiny Gas Station, just before they closed that night.  Luck would have it, Marc was doing the same. We struck up a cordial conversation, with Marc telling me he was performing for large groups of school-children, and promoting education.  We left, both agreeing that we’d be remiss, to not at least try “Table-side tricks, while you dine” (the idea hatched while pumping gas).  Coincidentally, about 3 weeks later, I saw Marc perform at a 5-year old birthday party (and yes, he brought out the huge python).  Not only was he the hit of the party, but the kids AND adults talked about it for weeks afterwards.  When Marc handled the animals, it was surreal.  It seemed like the wildness of it almost had a calming effect on him, while the kids were giddy and scared with excitement. 

Obviously, a restaurant is no place for reptiles, but the table-side tricks, warm conversations and – just catching up with Marc, is exciting.  Marc’s one of those people, who, before they even say anything, you’re already laughing in anticipation of the surprise. 

Kids pickup on buzz and excitement, I think, even more so than adults.  They can feel the electricity in the air, as Magic Marc makes his way to their table. 

The positive vibes extend to their parents, after all, they’re closely genetically related to their kids (even though some parents would disagree based on their wild, unruly behavior).  Magic is able to tune-in to the adults too, with a clever card-trick or slight-of-hand.  

Marc has become a full-blown phenomenon at the restaurant, as now we have 4 sets of Kids’ Menu Placemat themes, each with cool scientific facts, from Magic Marc: Outer Space, Science Experiment, Ocean, and Dinosaur.  If Kids, proud of their coloring artwork, want to make it more official, they can and get it “officially” stamped by Magic Marc, or Bubba-Cue (our Mascot), who’s mostly clumsy, but a loyal side-kick to Marc.

At the Abercorn location, we “dedicated” a Kids’ Bench, build in kid proportions (no, adults, are too big to sit on it).  Customers can take their picture sitting on the Bench, with the framed picture of Magic Marc in the background.  We’re proud of our relationship with Magic Marc, and of things to come.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard, General Counsel