Gold Medal Employees At Carey Hilliard’s

We’ll be handing out of lot of “Gold” this Holiday Season…but before we jump to December we’ll stay in July, and run with the Gold Medal” Olympics theme. Here’s a preview who’s “on deck” for the Years’ of Service Awards, this Olympic Year. And the Gold goes to….

Cindy Brown-30 years: $3,000 💵 🥇: Cindy started in 1991 in the payroll department in the “Ms. Floyd era.” Ms. Floyd was Carey Sr.’s secretary, then Tim’s Hilliard’s secretary. Ms. Floyd was known for being a strict gatekeeper. Cindy later moved to accounts payable, then became Office Manager when Ms. Floyd retired. As the Office Manager, Cindy handles everything from customer complaints, store repairs, banking, and food quality to employee uniforms.

During the Hurricane Matthew, Cindy went into “over-drive” mode the morning before the storm. She backed her car up to the front door, and loaded payroll checks in the back to make sure some were available when everyone returned in case the office blew away. She got all the Carey Hilliard’s trucks lined up behind the office and began calling all stores about not opening, due to the Mayor’s Evacuation Order

Cindy is the gap-filler. She picks up the slack wherever needed. As am writing this, she’s zooming Hot Wings to a Store that is about to run out. Earlier today, she was waiting tables at Hwy. 21, and before that, checking-in a truck. Usually, these duties are left to the Staff, but, as you know, Staff is quite limited now-a-days. . That’s a day in the life of Cindy.

Margaret Hodges
Margaret Hodges at the Waters Ave. Curb

Margaret Hodges-35 years: $5,500 💵 🥇 In 1986, Ms. MacNeal hired Margaret and she started training on “the floor” with Patty Crocket. She worked “the floor” for 4 months, then moved Curbside. Margaret and Martha Davis worked a party in the back room together. Margaret has seen many Managers come and go including the memorable Ms. Walker.

Margaret has tons of regulars, too many to name here, but she’s enjoyed watching them grow up and return with families of their own. “That’s what it’s all about,” she says. I guess she’s even watched me “grow up” as I was only 2 years -old when Margaret started.

Debra Porter

Debra Porter-45 years: 🚗🥇Deb began her career in 1976. She fondly remembers Carey Sr. visiting her store late at night, to check everything before closing. She also sharply remembers old Managers, Billy Gunn – of course being her favorite: McNeal, Hudson, Marsh, Murray, Johnnie Banes, and Shafenburg. After being a FIXTURE at the Abercorn location kitchen for years, Debra recently moved to Hwy 21 to “spread her knowledge around the company.” She has opened the Abercorn, Hwy 21, and the Pooler locations! She has more experience at cooking than anyone we know.

About 15 years ago, a scrawny teenager (me) on his first day of work walked into the kitchen, put on an apron, and began prepping shrimp with Deb. That was me! I’d worked “the truck” the past 2 summers, but this was that first time in the kitchen, a totally different experience than the truck. I’m proud that Deb trained me.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.
-T.J. Hilliard