Curb Service + Walk-Up Window

Curb Service +

At Carey Hillard’s it’s good to know, we’ve got you covered, especially now that the Pandemic-year continues well into THIS year – year 2.  Sheesh.  Our Pandemic-Motto has been “Dine-Safely Inside, or Pickup Curbside, and if you prefer to stay in your car, we’re built for you.”  But now, we’ve added more convenient ways to pick-up your Order.  We call it “Curb Service +.”

What makes it +?  Answer: Additional Curb-Parking+ Walk-Up Window.

 + Additional Curb Service Parking

1.  Additional Curb-Service Parking makes placing or picking-up your Order faster.  

With Curb-Service busier than ever, it’s important that we make space for you.  Being in a Pandemic still, we know the need for extra precautions.  We’re Pandemic-safe: with Touchless Curb payment, there’s no touching a pin-pad, nor signing a receipt. 

Pro Tip:  To experience the ultimate in quick-service, Order Online.   You can order from your smart-phone, pull-up and we’ll bring your food right out. 

+ Walk-UP Window Hours Update

2.  But, there’s more!  For those who want the “grab-and-go” experience, OR, if you drive a truck or Tractor-Trailer – too large for Curb-Service, we’ve got you covered.  The Walk-Up Window  is open 11am to 3pm every day at: Abercorn, Hwy. 80, Hwy. 21.  In Pooler, it’s open later, until 9pm every day.  Look for the big Tent on the customer-side of the store. 

Walk-Up Window Hours | (Abercorn, Hwy. 80, Hwy. 21)

11am-3pm, Every Day

Walk-Up Window Hours| (Pooler)

11-9pm, Every Day

Abercorn Walk Up Window

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard