Beat The High Gas Prices, With Great Value at Carey Hilliard’s

The bad news first: It feels like the 1970’s are back, with gas prices ticking up 14 cent in just a month. That doesn’t sound like much, but at $3.36 a gallon, it costs most of us at least $50 per fill-up, ouch! And for those of you that drive a large pickup truck – we sympathize with you (as it’s even worse).

While inflation (the prices we pay for everyday goods like food, gasoline, & clothing) is down to 5%, compared to 6% last month, and 8.5%, this time last year, government stimulus checks and tax savings are over. That’s why, NOW, you need your dollar to stretch further– AND WE’RE GOING TO BAT FOR YOU!

Holly Curbside Service at Highway 21

Hwy. 21: Holly checks on a Customer, curbside.

At Carey Hilliard’s, we’ve been busy beating up on food suppliers, and as a result, hot wing prices have dropped slightly. To celebrate, we added back the popular Small Hot Wing Combo $10.99. that comes 6 wings, with a small fry and large drink for $10.99. Also, we marked down hot wings down from $1.50 each, to $1.25 each.

We’ve kept portions big, so you can take that value home with you. Enjoy popular monthly specials like the Fried Tail-On White Shrimp Dinner $17.99, Deviled Crab Dinner $14.99.

Quick & Friendly Service
Also, we make your food go further with convenience and speed. What’s the value waiting an hour on food? Not much. At Carey Hilliard’s, (depending on factors,) you should be out in 30-40 minutes. That makes for a great lunch spot!

Can’t stop inside? Ordering To-Go is easy: Call-in a take-out, or order online, and we’ll have it ready for you Curbside.

May 1st: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Keep posted on our social media, as we’ll announce another price savings we’re passing along to you! Remember, we’re open late, until midnight, every night.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.
-T.J. Hilliard