Anyone Can Achieve Greatness

Debra Porter 45 Years: Received a 2021 Ford Explorer

It was a joy, pleasure, and honor, 2 weeks ago to present Debra Porter (Cook) with her 45-Year Anniversary benchmark…a new car.  At the same, we celebrated Cindy Brown (Office Mgr.) achieving 30 years, and Margaret Hodges (Curb Server) marking 35 years. 

Years of Service Awards are not Based on Position – anyone can achieve

If you decide to make a career at Carey Hilliard’s, job position is irrelevant.  In fact, we relish the fact that a 40-year Dishwasher will achieve the same Rolex watch as a 40-year Manager.  Pretty cool!  Not to put other companies down, but at most companies (even great ones) 30-year or 40-year employees are celebrated with a certificate and a pen. 

New: 10 & 15 Years of Service Levels

But, it’s not JUST the extremely long-time staff we’ve dedicated to honoring.  THIS YEAR, we added 2 new “Years of Service” levels (listed below), now at 10 Years at $1,000, and 15 Years at $1,500 – before the seemingly “long way off” 20-year benchmark.  .  Those new levels reached about 30 people 2 weeks ago.  Including Debra’s Car: and regular Xmas Bonuses, CH gave away $96,500, this year (a new record). 

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard

Years of Service           Bonus Level

10 Years                      $1,000 (added 2021)

15 Years                       $1,500 (added 2021)

Debra Porter 45 Years
Cindy Brown 30 Years
Margaret Hodges 35 Years