Abercorn Inside Renovation

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel

Abercorn Inside Renovation

Abercorn inside-diners will be in for a treat, upon returning.  The inside has been completely renovated, while emphasizing the same “Carey Hilliard’s feel” you grew up with.  The enhancements:  phone-chargers in each booth, built-in bench seating in the Foyer, and removing the foyer “columns” next to the Hostess Stand, provide more space, while streamlining the look.  The largest “change” was removing the Foyer shutters making the whole restaurant visible from the foyer.  This contributed to the “openness feeling.”  Wainscoting walls painted white go up to 5ft, and are capped on-top with varnished hickory wood-more durable than before.

The Coastal Theme built upon the sturdy history of the “original” Carey Hilliard’s.  The smell of hush-puppies and salt air, mixes with wallpaper and white ship-lap walls – underscoring the coastal feel of Savannah.

It’s not trend-setting, but instead, the familiar feeling of home.  You’ll recognize it instantly, as it lines up perfectly with our Mission of “Quick & friendly service, quality food, and family pricing.” 

As always, we grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

-T.J. Hilliard