2023 In-Sight!

Friday, December 30, 2021

2.5m read

The great news today, is that inflation may be trending downward, as you can see below, with November being the lowest in the last few months.

July 6.4%, August: 6.2%, Sept: 6.3%, Oct: 6.0%, Nov. 5.5%

At Carey Hilliard’s, we’re doing everything possible, to maintain prices, and offer a great Value.  What does that mean?  While other restaurants are cutting portions, we’re putting more food on the plate than ever.  And, we’re really busy.

A Big Thank You, Regulars

It’s fitting to close the year out recognizing the most important person, YOU.  A big thank-you to our Regular -those that eat with us once a week – or even more!  To those who call Carey Hilliard’s home, know the menu by heart, and are faithful take-outers, THANK YOU!

We changed the Reader-Board yesterday to: “TAKE-OUTERS, WE’RE BUILT FOR YOU,” and we’re not kidding.  You can count on CH to be there for you, with quick and friendly service, quality food, and family pricing.  Visit us on the way back home, or after church, or after the game.  We’re family.

Visitors and Travelers

If you’re traveling through, we have a NEW selection of Vintage Hat’s and T-shirts, that’s sure to make you smile.  From Sweet Tea, to Fried Shrimp, with Carey Hilliard’s,” on the back.  The hat or t-shirt will serve as a great reminder of your delicious meal.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard