Year-End Wrap Up

2022 In-Sight!

Looking back on this year, it’s been both great, and challenging at the same time.  Great in terms of being busy, challenging in terms of keeping morale high with inflation, food cost and covid-fatigue setting-in.  Here’s to being hopeful that the challenging terms will iron themselves out next year!  Cheers!

Souvenirs from Savannah's Favorite Family Restaurant
Souvenirs from Savannah’s Favorite Family Restaurant!

A Big Thank You, Regulars

It’s fitting to close the year out recognizing the most important person, you!  A big thank-you to those who call Carey Hilliard’s home, know the menu by hear, and are faithful take-outers.  We changed the Reader-Board yesterday to: “TAKE-OUTERS, WE’RE BUILT FOR YOU,” and we’re not kidding.  You can count on CH to: be open late until midnight every night, for quick and friendly service, quality food, and family pricing.  We’re THE go-to spot after the game, or after church. 

Visitors and Travelers

This year, we’re especially grateful for you giving CH a try, and for the positive feedback.  Thanks for making us your lunch and dinner place, driving to down to Florida, or up north.  Pick-up a Hat, Mug, or T-shirt, to remind you of your trip. 

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.