Your Place For After School

Recharge your Phone…and Stomach

You, or your kids have been at school all day.  Your stomach tells you its hungry, and your phone is low on charge.  We have you covered! 

Pull-Up and Plug-In

All three Southside Stores (Skidaway, Waters, and Abercorn) have Countertop charging outlets.  So, pull-up a chair, and plug-in, and recharge.  Abercorn features phone-charging stations in EACH Booth. 

Hand-Spun Milkshake

My favorite snack includes a chocolate or caramel Milkshake.  With brand-new extra-wide Milk-shake straws, it makes drinking down this treat enjoyable. 


Cheese-sticks, Hush-puppies, Crab Stew, or a Brunswick Stew – snack, is sure to boost up your energy.  The 3-Piece Chicken Finger with one side, is the perfect snack-size.  So is the Small Fried Shrimp.  

Lastly, if craving something sweet, the Classic New-York Style Cheesecake with chocolate syrup for $4.99, or the Sundae Brownie $3,99, are both sweet and filling. 

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 
-T.J. Hilliard