Years’ of Service Awards | 2022

Friday, October 21, 2022

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Years’ of Service Awards | 2022

This year, 2 Porters, a Cook, the company CEO, and delivery Driver: Fred, will receive their Years of Service Awards, below, celebrating their long-term careers, and 110 years of Experience!~

Last year, we were excited to add 2 new levels – earlier than the normal starting 20-year benchmark: a 10-Year Milestone at $1,000, and a 15-Year Milestone at $1,500.

 Also last year, 30 Employees reached those levels, some retroactively.

This year, we have 3 new recipients at the 10 and 15-year milestones!

Carey Hillard’s will award a total of $66,500 this year in holiday bonuses (below)!

Coming Up…this Year 2022:

Years of Service        Bonus Level

10 Years                     $1,000 | Tommy Bostick

10 Years                     $1,000 | Ronald Harris Jr. 

15 Years                     $1,500 | Latoya Milton 

40 Years                                | G. Timothy Hilliard 

45 Year.    Car worth $40k | Fred Jordan 🚗🥇

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard       

Fred Jordan with the Office Team: Cindy, TJ, Michael, Teresa, John, and Ashlea