Skidaway Bathroom Renovation

The Men’s Restroom renovation is almost complete!  If you haven’t been to the Skidaway location, now is the time…for a glimpse into the future – and the past. 

We took inspiration from the Store’s retro, 1970’s feel, especially with the Curbside triangle-column design.  Outside, you’ll notice the Store’s white stucco Exterior, mixed with gray wood-work, has an angular, semi-modern flare.  We took those existing designer-feel elements and put them to use for a sheik, modern, but retro design to the bathroom. 

It looks new and inviting, but familiar, with a black/white design.  Tile and countertop are gray.  Most striking is the floor tile, called “Apache” that has a cool, modern look. 

Also, the refreshed restroom is now ADA accessible!  The bathroom stall has a huge, solid door for privacy – no dinky partitions. 

After washing your hands, you’ll notice the built-in trash can chute –  just throw your paper-towel through the hole in the Counter, and you’re off.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard