Six Reasons To Spend Mother’s Day At Carey Hilliard’s

Mother's Day At Carey Hilliard's

A mother and her family visit Carey Hilliard’s

1. There’s no place like it. The loyal Charleston, SC – Customer Base remind us of that weekly – and we appreciate their support and enthusiasm. Whether it’s the: family atmosphere, sweet (or unsweet) tea – a restaurant where you glasses never go empty, quick service, and the value-priced menu it’s a unique place!

2. Family Pricing. With Monthly Specials like the Deviled Crab dinner at $14.99, the Fried Tail-On Shrimp Dinner $17.99, and huge salads like the Fajita-&- Grilled-Shrimp Salad for $14.99, you can safely add 2 Sweet Tea’s and dessert, for under $52.

3. No Reservations. No need to rush to the restaurant to make it on time. Take your time. Carey Hilliard’s has plenty of tables.

4. It reminds us of home. It’s the first stop of so many returning home – day or night. I can’t explain this exactly, but when you’re riding back in town, you smile while pulling-up to Carey Hilliard’s. You know, it’s just how you left it – the same great food. It’s your safe place, your home.

5. It’s locally owned. Carey Hilliard’s is locally owned and operated, by the 2nd and 3rd family generation.

6. It’s not a Trend. Carey Hilliard’s has been around for 63.5 years. It’s the go-to place after soccer games or baseball games, for a Tuesday lunch, or after church on Sunday.

Our Mother’s remember all those great memories at Carey Hilliard’s, making it a special place for them!
Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday. We open at 11am.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.
-T.J. Hilliard