Savannah St. Patrick’s Day is Back!

Semi Normal

With excitement, we welcome back St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah – after a 2-year Pandemic rout of missing the parade and festivities.  St. Patrick’s Day is good for Savannah, and in a way IS Savannah.  It’s the marking of Spring, Spring break, being outside, oak trees, pollen, and celebrating the beautiful downtown squares – and city. 

Store St. Pat’s Decor

Reminiscing and being a bit nostalgic, the stores are decorated (expertly by Debra Friend) ini St. Patrick’s Day Green.  Green ribbons, lights, and maybe even a leprechaun or 2 are to be found. 

Inspiration: Carey Hilliard’s had float in the parade for many years -during the 1990’s, featuring Bubba-Cue the Pig, mixed with Elvis singing about shrimp, (played by Billy Richardson, a friend of the family).  Does anyone else remember that?  Maybe one day in the future, there will be another float – not this year! 

Carey Hilliard’s – Hwy. 80, is only 11 min away from Parade

4.2 miles and 11 minutes (by Apple Maps) is all it is between you, the parade, CH Hwy. 80 – and some delicious sweet Tea, seafood, and barbecue!  Stop-by before, or after your trip downtown next week.  It’s a nice rest from the crowd, but so close.  Your favorite staff like Monica (Server), Mrs. Thompson (manager), Lillian (Server of the Month) and Ezra (Cook of the Month) will be waiting on you. 

Visitors to the Area – Reasons to Visit Carey Hilliard’s

  • We’re locally, family owned – become a part of our 62 year history;
  • We’re ONLY in the Savannah-area;
  • portions are LARGER than ever,
  • you’ll probably need a to-go box before leaving,
  • Pickup a Green T-Shirt!

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard