Renovations | Parking Lot Improvements

We are pleased to announce that we’re FINISHED with the Parking Lot paving, and line Painting at both Skidaway and Waters.  Both, now have brand-new main parking lots.  Skidaway’s Upper Deck Lot was re-sealed and restriped. 

At Waters, we added a Cross-Walk to the front-door.  At Skidaway, we added a “Pedestrian” Sign, and cross-walk leading up to the front door, and started refitting exterior building lights. 

At Pooler work continues, where brand-new wallpaper was installed last week.  New booths and tables have been ordered, along with carpet, shutters, and foyer furniture.  Bathroom remodel is scheduled to start next month.  Stay-tuned for photo updates! 

Skidaway Parking Lot
Waters Parking Lot
SS Carey Hilliard

Also coming up, all stores will soon have the “Take-Out” or “S.S. Carey Hilliard” Shrimp Boat on prominent display out front, just like at Abercorn.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  -T.J. Hilliard