Newly Refurbished Iconic Neon Sign at Carey Hilliard’s Skidaway. 

 If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to ride over to Carey Hilliard’s Skidaway Rd.   The iconic neon sign has been refurbished, repainted with a slightly updated look.  What’s different?  On the arrow, 3 strokes of neon replace the corn-rows of light bulbs that flashed.  Why the change?  Because the continuous arrow yellow neon is a sleeker, more updated look.  Can you guess how many arrow bulbs were on the original sign?
at the top of the sign, paint detail depicts a barbecue log.  This detail was missed on last years’ refurbishment of the Abercorn sign, but will soon be added!  Keep a look-out for the sign updates, and post your sign pictures.