Family Generations at Carey Hilliard’s

Carey Hilliard’s | from General Counsel

New Year, or December 41’st 2020?

“Yes!! It’s a new Year!!!”  That’s how I felt the first day of 2021.  As if – somehow the Calendar would flip the switch.  It didn’t. 

Several days later…Reality hit, enter 2021 – feeling more like December 41st, 2020.  Same problems, different day (I know…I need not remind you) Covid, politics, and an economy in need of another boost. 

How to Get Through?  Family

I love sharing stories about families.  They are what Carey Hilliard’s is all about – whether it’s our work-family here at the restaurant, Church family, friends, or a Customers’ family. 

Wednesday last week, Sarah C. wrote us a glowing Review about her family story:

My parents used to take us there growing up.  I craved their Crab Stew during all of my pregnancies – took my kids there when they were small – and now, I love the drive-up service, and the late hours – even through the Pandemic.

At Carey Hilliard’s that’s what we’re about.  Generations of family, and memories made (yes, even through pregnancy & Covid).

Sarah hints at Carey Hilliard’s helping HER get through the Pandemic – by being open until midnight every-night, quality food, and family pricing.  But, the way I see it is, that she, along with many other Regulars’ family, are helping Carey Hilliard’s get through these uncertain times.

This year is sure to end better than it started.  So, let’s lean on each other, and we’ll all have a story to tell future generations – on how we made it through – all while eating a hushpuppy with a glass of sweet-tea in hand.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

Mark & Sharon are regulars at Pooler!

-T.J. Hilliard