Fall is in the Air at Carey Hilliard’s

Slightly cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the Holidays around the corner – means Fall is in the air! 

Missing Decorations

About two years ago, the Stores began their normal Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  Walking into the Stores, I noticed half-lit Christmas trees, missing ribbons and bows, and a generally haphazard Holiday décor situation.  But it wasn’t the Store Managers’ fault…a consistently busier restaurant year after year, over the last 13 years, meant that the Managers just didn’t have time to devote to decorating.  A few misplaced bows and ribbons every year were adding up.  Now, the decorating effort looked like the Grinch (and that skinny little dog of his) were in charge. 

How Debra Became Involved

That’s where Debra Friend comes in!  She’s a Super-Cashier (Abercorn & Waters) with a genuine love for decorating, and a good eye.  She’s been with the company for 5 years.  Noticing the Grinch-like situation, she offered to help. 

So, about two years ago, she began handling the Christmas Décor, from top to bottom, from put-up to take-down.  That way, she knows where EVERYTHING is stored. 

After a successful last Christmas, and needing a spirit uplift this Spring, Debra “brought St. Patrick’s Day to the stores” with green bows and leprechauns everywhere.  It also helped us kick-off a first-ever Bubba-O’Cue’s Pot of Gold Contest.  Kelly Newman made a really close guess – that the Pot of Gold contained 734 coins, (actual was 741), winning (2) $100 Gift Cards.

Back to Fall Décor: Debra asked me a few weeks ago, if she could jazz things up a bit to get us in the Fall Spirit.  I thought it was a fantastic idea. 

So, here we are: our first “Fall Décor” season!  Walk into any Carey Hilliard’s to see Debra’s great work, and join me in saying “thank you!”

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 
-T.J. Hilliard