Employee Spotlight: Ashley Parks (GM)

Ashley ParksAs Savannah’s favorite family restaurant, our Carey Hilliard’s staff is a family of its own. Our wait staff, cooks and management are the backbone of our business. When it comes to excellence in customer service and quality food our staff knows it better than anyone.

Ashley Parks, General Manager, is known around Carey Hilliard’s for her clever jokes, cunning remarks and sharp but high-energy wit. She has been a member of our Carey Hilliard’s family for 15 years

Q&A with Ashley Parks

What’s your favorite seafood item?
My favorite item from the seafood menu has got to be the Boom Boom Shrimp. I love the tangy Boom Sauce and the shrimp is consistently good.

What’s your favorite Barbecue Item?
I like the Barbecue plate with Brunswick Stew because I love dipping the toast in the stew.

Has there ever been any standout moment in your years working with Carey Hilliard’s that you would like to share?
What we now refer to as the “Easter Meltdown” when we were scrambling through a technical glitch but still managed to make it through the holiday dinner rush.

What do you like best about your job?
The close interaction with customers and employees.

What does customer service mean to you?
Customer service means everything! You’re only as good as your last customer experience.

Has anything funny or humorous ever happened that you can share?
Putting pennies in the quarter slot in the coin drawer and watching Billy Gunn’s confused reaction is always funny. We have a lot of fun working together.

How have things changed since you first began your work at Carey Hilliard’s?
Things are much busier and crazier here compared to when I first started.

Since 1960 Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants has been Savannah’s favorite family restaurant with six convenient locations. Famous for their barbecue and fresh seafood, all meals are prepared made-to-order, fresh, hot and from scratch. Something special is always cookin’ at Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants.