Dine In Your Car With Curb Service

Dine in Your Car

Did you know…you can dine in your car at Carey Hilliard’s?  We call it “The Curb.”  Our radio spot highlights curbside service saying “dine-in, carry-out, there’s curb service too.”  A few Carey Hilliard’s Regulars know that dining in your car is always an option…especially if the weather’s good!

What to expect:  We’ll bring out your food on plates and with silverware, just like your dining inside. All you have to do is roll up your car window a few inches.  We hook your food tray on. The window-dining-trays are even a relic.  Drive-in’s have waned in popularity since the 1960’s, but not here.  And, we’re not talking about the plastic red Sonic-style trays; the real metal dining trays we use are a classic piece of history too.

This is such a neat way to dine, and a bit of a lost art in the restaurant world.  If you want a new dining experience, give it a try! All six Carey Hilliard’s restaurants in Savannah, Pooler and Garden City offer curb service dining. Find a Carey Hilliard’s Restaurant near you at careyhilliards.com/locations.