“DING DING!” Marks The Beginning of a Great Experience

Ever been inside Carey Hilliard’s, and heard ding-ding, curbside?  That’s the sound of a customer pulling up – the same sound cars made pulling up curbside 62 years ago.

Amazingly, the bell still has a place in this high-tech world after all those years.  Yes…we also use cameras to help the amazing-fast Curb Staff “see” customers pulled up in their cars, but the MAIN call to action is that sound, “ding-ding.” 

For us at the restaurant, it’s the sound of: hop to it, let’s walk out and great this customer (whether a regular or new customer) with fantastic service. 

To you, we hope the “ding-ding” is just your start to a great experience, where we mix in old tried and true, with new technology, and the same great taste for the last 62 years. 

In good humor, having lunch with a local marketing guru this week, he told me the “ding-ding” reminds him of the start of a boxing match, so we should say,  “We don’t come out boxing, we come out serving you!”  That’s a little corny for my taste, but it begs the question, what does the bell signal for you?  We hope it’s the start of a great experience.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard