Carey Hilliard’s Private Party Rooms Are Perfect for Graduation Parties

Graduation Parties at Carey Hilliard's

Private Party at Skidaway

Host your next event in a private room at the restaurant. Private rooms have an “accordion-style” door that can be closed-off for privacy.

Whether a business lunch graduation party, family gathering, or birthday, we’re fast and affordable. Enjoy “quick and friendly service, & quality food, and family pricing” (our Motto). Those combine for a GREAT VALUE for you to enjoy!

Lately, we’ve been “beating up” suppliers, to negotiate the best possible price, and passing all that savings to you. For example, last month, we LOWERED the price on the Small Hot Wing Combo, that comes with 6 hot wings, a large drink, and small fry, to $9.99!

Also, it’s not just prices that count – it’s convenience. We make your food go further with convenience and speed. What’s the value waiting an hour on food? Not much. At Carey Hilliard’s, (depending on factors,) you should be out in 30-40 minutes. That makes for a great lunch spot!

Call the restaurant to Book your Private Party.

Larger Parties
For large parties of 60 people, or more, call our Banquet Manager at 912-925-2133.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.
-T.J. Hilliard