Ride Out The Rising Cost Storm, At Carey Hilliard’s

The bad news first:  The 80’s are back!!  But not in a good way.  I loved the music, from Hall-&-Oates, Huey Lewis & the News, to the big hair and neon dress.

Today, consumer prices (the prices we pay for everyday goods like food, gasoline, clothing), rose 8.5%, the most since 1981.  In the midst of wild inflation, you need a place where you can ride out the storm with added value.  Heck, nowadays, everyone needs their dollar to stretch further – AND WE’RE LISTENING. 


It’s still the best value in town, for the last 62 years.  Why?  At Carey Hilliard’s, portions are larger than ever, so large that you’ll likely need a to-go box before leaving. 

Monthly Specials like the Fried Tail-On White Shrimp Dinner, Deviled Crab Dinner, and the popular 4-Piece Chicken Finger -great grilled too (by the way), are packed with value.  There’s more food on the plate, now than ever, and we hand-out tons of to-go boxes so that Customers can take that value home with them. 

Quick & Friendly Service

Also, we  make your FOOD go further with convenience and speed.  What’s the value waiting an hour on food?  Not much.  At Carey Hilliard’s, (depending on factors,) you should be out in 30-40 minutes.   That makes for a great lunch spot!

Ordering is easy: Call-in a take-out, or order online, and we’ll have it ready for you Curbside.  

Remember, we’re open late, until midnight, every night.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  -T.J. Hilliard