If the Weather Turns Wild, Pull Up Curbside

The latest storm and tornados in the Pembroke and Black Creek Golf Club area last week were shocking.  Have you seen the video of the tornado crossing I-16 towards Bryan County? Or the golfers trapped outside while the tornado blows over? All I can say is:  Wow.  We’re praying those affected have a speedy re-build and cleanup.   

Closer to home, Carey Hilliard’s is your safe-haven to ride out any weather.  Pull up Curbside, and you’ll be protected from hail, wind, rain.  Pull-up, Call-in, or Order Online, and for great service and food, for a great value. 

Quick and Friendly Service, & Quality Food, is our motto – and that stands true Curbside, and in any weather.  Every day from 2-5, enjoy $1 Sweet Tea, and this month, look for the Fried Tail-On White Shrimp Dinner, and 4-Piece Chicken Finger dinner, on special.  

Abercorn’s Weather Sky-Cam

Abercorn South-Side Weather Sky-Cam

Carey Hilliard’s – Abercorn houses WTOC’s Southside Weather Sky-Cam on the front roof.  Have you ever noticed while walking up?  If not, check it out in the photo above. 

The live (all the time) roof video is cool way we try to keep a look-out on the weather, and we love that it’s shared with so many people watching TV!

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard