Holiday Gift Cards Are Back!

Buy a $25 Gift Card, Get a $5 Bonus Card FREE | Starts FRIDAY! (Nov. 26th, 2021)!

Despite all the excuses to not have a Gift Card Promo this year (higher costs everywhere, shortages, supply-chain issues, labor issues, and Covid-19), we’ve BROUGHT IT BACK! 

Fortunately, Santa and the Gift Card Stars aligned, and the $5 Bonus Cards arrived on-time…Phew!! 😅.  There were no promises.  But, they’re here now!  This year is forecast to be a RECORD year for Gift Card Sales, so plan ahead, and buy yours early.

The Promotion works in intervals of $25.  For example, purchase a $100 Gift Card, and we’ll give you (4) $5 Bonus Cards.  Secret:  Keep the Bonus Cards!  It’s our Gift to YOU.  Like magic.

Speaking of magic…Magic Marc joins us on TV this month! He turned a $5 Bonus Card into $5 Cash!  My head was spinning.  It really was magic!

Bringing Back the Magic to this Years’ Holiday Season

You don’t have to be Magic Marc, to experience Magic this Holiday Season.  Simply walk into any Carey Hilliard’s where the Magic is in full swing!

The stores are beautifully decorated (thanks to Debra Friend) and will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit!

The annual Christmas Bike Giveaways are also back! The bikes are extra big this year (picked out by John Cook)!  All winners will receive a gift receipt to exchange for the right size (if needed).

Santa Claus will be visiting stores again this year and Magic Marc will be performing this month as well!

We look forward to seeing you during the Holidays, where we’re bringing the magic back.

As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

-T.J. Hilliard