Crab Stew

So thick with crabmeat there’s almost a mouthful in every bite! Bowl - 7.99 Cup - 5.99

Hot Wings

For the brave and daring…try these hot wings with a peppery zing: 6 pieces - 6.99
12 pieces - 13.99 
25 pieces or more - 1.15 each

Fried Pickles

Our favorite hand-battered crinkle-cut pickles! Perfect when dipped in Carey Sauce. -3.99

Oyster Stew

Perfection in a bowl… -7.99

Cheese Sticks

Five mozzarella cheese sticks dipped in breading and fried ‘til crisp, served with marinara sauce -4.49

Grilled Tail-On White Shrimp

Large grilled tail-on shrimp, served with our own zesty cocktail sauce -5.99

Boom Boom Shrimp

It’s a bowl full of lettuce covered with plenty of our delicious fried shrimp, then it’s drizzled with our creamy, spicy “Boom Boom Sauce” -7.49

Carey Hilliard’s Famous Onion Rings

Sweet, Southern onions hand-breaded, double dipped and delicately fried…simply the South’s finest! Large - 3.99 Small - 2.99

Rib Appetizer

A teaser portion of meaty St. Louis-style ribs served with toast, onion, and pickle -4.99

Wing Zing Nuggets

Tender boneless chicken breast, breaded with our spicy Wing Zing seasoning. 6 pieces - 3.99 12 pieces - 6.99