**All Chicken served with toast and your choice of two sides.


Chicken Fingers

Fresh chicken breast tenders, marinated and hand-breaded, served with honey-mustard sauce: Six piece - 7.99 Four piece - 6.99


Fried Chicken

Fried until golden brown on the outside, moist and tender on the inside - 7.99


Baked Chicken

Our fresh chicken baked slowly. Try it barbecue-style - 8.49


Smoked Fried Chicken

Hickory-smoked then fried, this chicken has a crispy outside, with a smoked flavor inside - 9.99


Wing Zing Nugget Dinner

Tender boneless chicken breast, breaded with our spicy Wing Zing seasoning. Served with two sides. 12 piece - 8.99   6 piece - 6.49